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About Us

We are a blended family of 9.  7 boys and 2 girls.  We live on a 10-acre farm in Hyrum, Utah, and enjoy spending time with our family and friends!

We started this business with the hopes that it would bless the lives of our family as well as the lives of others and indeed it has! 

My children have learned not only the value of hard work but have found solace in holding and caring for our puppies.  There have been many a broken heart consoled by one of our sweet dogs.  These dogs have brought so much joy and happiness to us and we love that we get to share this with others!  

As our business has grown so has our family.  We were blessed with a little boy in late 2019 whom we named Sawyer.  With our newest addition, we decided that it would be selfish to hog all our moms and dads to ourselves.  In an effort to rectify that, we decided to invite other families to participate in growing our business. 


This year, we have added 4 new guardian families to the 3 we already had.  We are excited to see these families' lives change for the better! 

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