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Hi!  My name is Katie! 

Have you ever felt lonely, alone or unappreciated?  Are you looking for a friend that will always be there for you?  Someone that will treat you like you are the only person in the world that matters? 

Are you hoping to help one of your children to feel seen, heard and safe no matter where they are? 

Well, you have come to the right place.!

We at Goldendoodledoo have made it our mission to make the world a kinder, more loving place... one puppy at a time!

We have a one of a kind program that has been perfected over the past 5 years.  We have taken the best from the best programs out there and created something that focuses on what we think are the most important things to focus on.  We believe that dogs should be an added benefit to our lives.  We do not believe in being trained by our dogs but that we train them to enrich our lives and the lives of others.  We teach boundaries and try to create a relationship that is not codependent but rather independent and yet loving and joyful. 

We furthermore believe that though we can set these puppies up for success by working on potty training, crate training and so on, if you do not continue to work on those skills and add to them, they will not only lose those skills but develop other less desireable behaviors to get what they need. 

We dedicated to the success of our puppies in their new homes. We often offer additional support and occasional training for our families.  We consider those who adopt our puppies part of our family.  We want to nurture relationships with our adoptive families.  WE love to see pictures, hear stories and offer help throughout the years. 

We run our program with the assistance of our incredible guardian families.  We do this because we believe that every dog deserves to have a family that they belong to.  The opportunity to bring life into this world and care for little puppies is such an amazing experience.  It teaches children such fantastic lessons about selflessness and love and we enjoy allowing more people the opportunity to experience that first hand without all the responsibility of marketing, interviewing and attracting potential families. 

We rehabilitate abused and neglected dogs and help find suitable homes for them.  We donate at least one puppy a year to a family who would benefit from having a puppy in their homes but can't always afford one.  If you are interested in being considered, please contact us directly.

Please check out for additional training suggestions.  Using the code GOLDENDOODLEDOO25 will get you 25% off membership.

Katie Thurgood

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designer goldendoodles, aussiedoodles, sheepadoodles & bernedoodles


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