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What is a Guardian?

Basically, they are Foster Parents to our dogs that have an adoption contract in the works.  So what do you have to do to adopt this puppy?  You have to take good care of him/her, love it as your own .


You must also allow us to have access to him (if a dad dog) to either impregnate our Mom dogs for up to 4 years at which time, we will have him neutered and sign the adoption paperwork transferring full ownership to you. 


If you have a mom dog, you must let us know when she is in heat and allow us to take her to get pregnant (3 times) the 2nd week of her heat and possibly take her in to have her progesterone checked (all paid for by us).   We desire 2 litters of puppies from the mom dog and then we will have her fixed and then we will sign the adoption paperwork. 


With both kinds of guardianship there are opportunities to make a little extra money.  If you would like the opportunity to be more involved in the process, we pay up to 25% of our profits to the Guardians that want to deliver, train and care for the puppies from birth until they are 6 weeks old.  At 6 weeks old, we take the puppies to potty train them and get them ready for their new homes.  If you have any questions or are interested in being a Guardian, please message us @

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